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Prev. owner has written a list of recommended reading to rear E/P. 61p. A widely experienced general practitioner in New Zealand. Dr. Hill was well known for her campaign against the fluoridation drinking water. She is a forthright advocate of natural foods and is firmly convinced that good health is not attained by treating symptoms with drugs but rather by caring for the whole man with proper diet, consisting of natural foods uncooked and uncontaminated by chemicals. Tape stains to E/P and D/J flaps. D/J not price clipped. [New Zealand. Healthy Eating. Doctor. Medical superintendent. Writer. Health campaigner.]
Eva Hill
A Simple Guide to Better Health
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F.W. Moore Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand.
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2 - 4 days
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Hard cover
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Very good
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Hartley's Books
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New Zealand. Healthy Eating. Doctor. Medical Superintendent. Writer. Health Campaigner.